WORST Tinder Profiles – REACTION AND DATING TIPS w/ Shan Boodram and Shira Lazar

You could wrap me in anything, and then unwrap me Is that sexual? I'm not sure what's going on right now, Shira

Hey! It's Shira from What's Trending I'm with Shan Boodram; you can check out her Facebook show Make Up or Break Up right now, but before you do that, we're taking a look at the worst Tinder profile photos, and it's gonna get very embarrassing and cringy Let's get started You're a relationship expert, sex expert The key to a great Tinder profile photo? It has to feel like you look like you, convey what it is that you want in a partner, but then also make you look like yourself in your best light, without being too polished

I would say I shy away from headshots as a Tinder profile photo, and then if you're gonna put a group photo up, be the hottest person in the group or the tallest You know what I mean? You gotta be the "-est" person in the group Let's take a look at these This is Emma, 18 I don't even know where you are, Emma

Yeah Maybe there's 18 of them? That's what they're really trying to signify here There's more than 18 Well, that there's 18 that we would like for you to choose from Emma 18

The 18 Emma's This is gonna be for any guy, this will be one lucky guy who's gonna be able to hook up with all these hot chicks Let's just say that Emma #6 isn't a real pain in the booty girl There's always one of them In a group of girls, there's one catty b*tch that you do not want to date

Emma #6 But like I don't even know, it's like This is like a Where's Waldo photo

I think that this is intriguing though This is a thing with Tinder profiles There's cringy and there's intriguing So, sometimes like there was somebody I swiped on once, that had a picture of like the back of his boot, like just the heel of his boot, and I'm like 'who is this person?That's so weird' And I'm intrigued

This might be intriguing Wait This is a sorority girl, right? Or she goes to camp or something? Like, basically, this is like baggage Like, if I date you, this is what you come with All these annoying chicks

Okay Daniel (28) with a peacock Is that a peacock? I don't know What kind of animal is that? It's an emu I'm being told Sorry, I don't know my animals that well Is emu the birth of emo? Is that where that came from? I have no idea Alright Daniel's in a kitchen

It's a pretty decent kitchen I mean, it shows that like this isn't like a studio apartment, but it could be someone else's kitchen Uh, I don't know This is an adventurous guy I'm intrigued

I'm gonna swipe for sure left Which means left for no Left is no Right is a yes I'm going to say no to this, and I do think this is taking the whole animals and dudes thing to another level

He's trying to outdo it It used to be Tigers Remember they all had the tiger photos? Okay And then it evolved to like penguins and other strange birds, and then now he's up'd the game, so maybe this guy's a go-getter It's trying to signify something deeper, but his dishes don't match which makes me feel like 'you ain't got it together yet, boo

' What is going on? Yeah That's interesting I mean, I'm not attracted to him, but I like his sense of adventure You don't think he's attractive? I think he's attractive And he is taller than the emu which let's you know

Okay Emma (19) I love this! Memes on memes on memes It's very meta Uh, loves cats, so if you are a cat hater you won't like this chick obviously, or if you're allergic — might not work out

Maybe a one night stand, obviously, but she looks I think she's very pretty, festive, and I love the cat thing Like they love each other, which means she might not have time for you

This is a great photo, 'cause it tells you a lot about this person in one quick snapshot, and so, yes, while the quantity of askers may be less, the quality, I think, will be more suited to the kind of partner she's looking for, because I wouldn't even put up a picture in front of a Christmas tree — I'm not that kind of person — but this lets me know that you're like, I'm in Wyoming for Christmas, probably for the entire month, because you guys build your own tree or whatever But this just tells you a lot about the person, so I think it's really, really good Yeah I mean, I think it's cute, however, also signals to me like "crazy girl" type Like, she's gonna be like making you wear matching sweaters every Christmas, you're gonna have to wear, I don't know, matching Halloween costumes

But this is someone's fantasy right now you're describing Your're like: yes, yes, yes, yes, yes So they'll swipe? All the matching sweaters! All of them

Okay, Ryan (30) Is this from the Renaissance Fair? Where I know what happens at the Ren Fair You know who's a great match? Cat lady and Ryan

No She wants more of an All-American type He is not All-American He is All-American He has a regular job; this is just for the fair that he does this

He's on the edge He's festive as well He's a team leader, party starter, also see bacon enthusiastic — enthusiast — beer grower, semi-professional high fiver I mean, Ryan is a cool dude He's a guy you want to hang with, party with

He's a good friend He seems like a loyal guy 6'3" Yeah That's a tall man! He wants to let you know that things have grown

Things grew well He'll put you on his shoulders at concerts and in swimming pools, which means you know what he's gonna do He's gonna — he's one of those that'll pick you up in bed, you know? Yeah Like he's going to throwing you around This guy, I don't even know what his name is, but he's, I don't know, overcompensating

You're gonna put your picture of yourself touching booty? I don't know, I'm not attracted to this It's like, 'Oh Check me out I'm really cool' 'Cause I would hate this guy in real life, but if I were actually at this establishment and I saw someone taking this photo I'd be like, 'Oh my gosh

What a d-bag' So, I don't like him online, but again like I think that you get — you know what you're buying into This guy's not tricking anybody He's letting you really, really know what his priorities are He's the type of guy that gets wasted, and then throws up on you in the Uber

Yeah, for sure But you paid for it Yes, and then they call you by Yeah Brandon (26) "My dumbass parents gave me a boy's name, but call me 'Apples' I can fit an entire apple in my mouth What more do you need to know? Oh, and my favorite letter is 'D

'" Talk about subtlety Yeah And then you're climbing a tree It's a lot It's a lot to ingest (pun intended) in this photo

I'm not picking it up, I'm putting it down But, I also acknowledge that many people would pick this up Yeah, for sex This is an over post Like you're — it's because of people like Brandon or 'Apple,' that create an idea for Tinder, like everyone's on Tinder just to f*ck

It's because like it's obvious, yes, you want a big c*ck in your mouth I get it You want to ride someone like a tree I get it Can you be more metaphorical? Oh, I didn't get your tree one, though, so there you go

Rachel (20) "TBH I just want to get some some free Chipotle out of this" Funny, witty I just gotta like, ask, like you're just on this to collect funny stories to tell your friends? You're really not looking for love or you're not looking for an amazing sexual experience You're genuinely on it, like I'm gonna attract the weirdest people possible, so that I can write in my diary, or go out for brunch and make fun of this date that I went on, but you attracted this ridiculous date with this ridiculous photo

Vincent (29) Alright, "I'm looking for a girl who is super mean She also has to be really clingy and jealous I prefer a woman who talk a lot about their ex, and I love for da booty-liciousness In my free time, I like to take off my shirt and take selfies

I'm super in shape thanks to my strict diet of Mountain Dew and Twizzlers We're a Twizzler family Red Vines have no place in my home I work nights fighting crime — I'm not saying I'm Batman — but I'm saying no one has seen the Riddler in Austin, Texas" Wow, okay

You are funny, but you're trying really hard I feel like we've been baited right now I feel like these people specifically made profiles that other people would make videos about bad profiles and include their profile Probably It doesn't feel like you're actually trying to be on Tinder

This is exactly — this is what you wanted Very poetic — I mean, you're a good writer, I just would like to see your creativity used in another way And I can't see your face, which is important Yeah, I can see it He's like

I don't know I think it could've — it's backlit as well — which is making it difficult And this makes me feel like we'd go on a date and you'd be like, 'uh,' like you, you act like you're all outgoing, but like when I meet you you'd be kind of like shy and not know what to do

Yeah, because this was like three days of writing, with the help of a thesaurus Jesus (21) "Actually several thousand years old idk why is says 21 lol Downside: I've only been nailed once Upside: I would die for you, so you know I'm committed

Also, my dad is a pretty big deal He always beats me in dreidel Swipe right if you need some Jesus in you" Okay A million bucks you're not the first person to do this

Yeah So, not unique "My anthem is "Carry On," or "Jesus Take the Wheel" It's tacky, but at the same time, I'm also like concerned Did Swedish Fish sponsor this experience again? Have we been baited once again? And vitamin water

And vitamin water! Like it's all some ploy to get us to talk about your ridiculous profile, so you can get free advertising? I'm not quite sure, because you're clearly not putting your push your fish in the water — your hook in the water — trying to catch a real fish We're gonna go with that one You went somewhere I went somewhere! Floor (33) Floor at under women's feet? That doesn't sound like English

"I will pay you to walk all over me $60 and up All shapes and sizes Doubles are welcome Yes, I am serious

" A lot of exclamation points Okay This is a specific type of interest

Yeah Obviously he's into the S&M fetish stuff, and he puts it out there, which I respect I think it's great I think — 'cause think about this — like 10 years ago, where would this person go to advertise? They would go to classifieds, but there'd be less spaces for them to say, 'this is my interest, this is my arousal pattern, I know what I'm looking for,' and to be honest about that So Tinder offers a platform for people like this to get their jollies off

I guess moral of the story is, there's no real wrong way to do a Tinder profile Just about what you're trying to catch out there, but just be really clear that your picture is a very good indicator of the kind of person who's gonna swipe And if you wanted me or Shira; if you want Shira, put a cat photo on — I'm allergic to cats — you don't want a cat? Okay I just thought it was cute, you know? I've actually never been on Tinder because I've always been dating Oh wow

Yeah I didn't go I didn't grow up at a time, Tinder Maybe you and Bart take a happy couple's photo and brag about how awesome your relationship is, and put it on Tinder Then you could have been on Tinder, without having to actually go on dates Well, that was a look at some of the worst Tinder profiles out there I'm sure there are more, and let us know in the COMMENTS if you want us to do a second part of this

Submit your own photo, perhaps? Yeah! Tweet us @WhatsTrending with some of the worst Tinder profile photos that you've seen, and perhaps we'll make it into another video LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more of What's Trending, and check out this lady Shan Boodram on Make Up or Break Up — and also on her YouTube channel — links in the description below! Peace! I would swipe right on you

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