My 2 Cents: Don’t Chug The Nyquil—And Other Dating Tips

I keep remembering that when this is all done I have that slice of cake waiting for me in the fridge Just rewards

You didn't know I bought cake? Hey guys Erick Hanson here from the Catholicmatch Institute and we're talking about the cardinal virtues and how they relate to dating Today let's talk about temperance Now one thing those closest to me know about me is that I have what one might call a binge personality So it goes to follow then that I am the last person that you should take advice from about the cardinal virtue of temperance I could tell you dozens of stories to illustrate this point, so let's go with this most chilling of tales It's 1999 or 2000, it's the winter of that year, and I'm a freshman in college

I had a major exam at 8:00 am the next morning so I wanted to get a good night's sleep and be on my a game, but I had this nagging cough (you know the kind–it's not the violent near-death situation where you're trying not to cough up a lung It's just a tiny little tickle in the back of the throat causing a little cough at exactly the moment in which you're about to fall asleep) I had medicine but it was the strong stuff that for me always makes me feel groggy the next day, and I don't want that feeling while taking my test

But after tossing and turning and rolling over to see the clock read 2:45 am I was fed up Desperate times call for desperate measures Without getting out of bed I rolled over grabbed a nearby bottle of nyquil and took three hard chugs, about half the bottle

I was gonna overwhelm this little cough with the big guns Now I don't remember struggling with the cough any more that night but I do remember waking up before my alarm and quickly realizing just how relaxed my body had become during the night Muscles that our good Lord designed to contain that which should stay inside our bowels had loosened during my intense slumber I had a terrible mess to clean up After the most necessary shower of my life and with my soiled clothes and bedding jammed into our garbage can I raced to the laundry room

I had time to throw them in the wash and still make it to class Unfortunately the laundry room was locked I left the can by the door It wasn't there when I returned from class I'm still searching for the person who took care of it because that's the kind of heroic virtue that is certainly grounds for sainthood! I could go on and on with these kinds of stories in which I tried to beat things that can't be beaten or try to find shortcuts for things that there is no technology for

I guess that's where my lack of temperance is most easily seen in my life If this sounds familiar you may struggle with temperance too and must be sort of a binge dater you start a relationship Full of promise and good ideas, but you lose steam and interest quickly when a problem arises and the going gets tough The little steps I've taken towards improvement in my walk toward temperance or self-control have been helped by a number of things, here's my top three Number one, don't go it alone

Surround yourself with good people who want to be Saints like you Chastity especially in our modern culture is so tough to sustain Get on the same page with your significant other with this one It's never too late to make this a priority Number two avoid situations that require a ton of self-control whenever you can

There are definitely situations you can't avoid but there actually is quite a bit that we can control Number three, patience I found that when I usually struggle with self-control it's because I need to realize that there are some things that I just can't control, that I can't just beat with the force of my will How true is that in our relationships? You might be dreading that first date or the getting-to-know-you phase of a relationship, but take heart, have patience, and don't try to beat it like my little cough story It'll probably end up messy! That's all for now

For the Catholic match Institute I'm Erick Hansen God bless

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