how to date a Kpop star?, Dating tips #2

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I'm an adult I've never dated anyone Actually, I've never liked anyone real or close to me people find you really strange it is weird am I weird yes, it's really weird How can i date my bias from SHINee if he's already married to the music Sibong help me Hmm If your bias from SHINee if he's married to music He's married to music You need to make him divorced first Can you give long-distance relationship tips? Thank you sure, why not I can give you some tips make the distance shorter i Wanted to sex, how do I? How do i sex you know people usually take off their underwear first? Give me advice on how to not fall for every Korean guy that I see be a lesbian And hey my boyfriend is from Korea but sometimes we just have a hard time to find a topic because cultural differences and English is not the first language for both of us What should I do? Hmm

It's really easy, you know on talk just use body language We were friends he told me he liked me and now he avoids ignores me, please explain what? Happened because I don't understand What do I do ah? Yeah, the night he told you he liked you He was so drunken he just want to avoid his mistake by ignoring you [so] yeah, no need to worry about it Just let him ignore You next I Can't find someone like Lee Jong Suk to date you cant find someone like Lee Jong Suk to date

It's really simple give up It's not going to work and your mom is worrying about you Korean boys just want to fuck western girls they didnt take the relationship seriously It didn't take the relationship seriously You know last time I read an article that Western boys Just want to fuck Korean girls, and they didn't take the relationship seriously next I'm white and I want an Asian boyfriend help me please how did you know that Asia are small, but powerful Thank you for watching this episode

I hope you guys enjoyed [it] I know this advice really helped your relationship [you] know what to do right yep, if you need any relationship advice dating advice Love advice Don't forget to leave a comment down below there if you got any questions as well, please leave a comment I'll see you guys in the next episode

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