how to be successful at online dating – 7 online dating tips for success

hi guys welcome back to my channel in this video we're going to be talking about online dating and I'll be giving you seven tips on how to have a successful online dating experience so in my previous video where I talked about how I met my Norwegianboyfriend I mentioned that we met online a lot of you were interested in knowing which dating sites are used and all of that good stuff I will address that in another video but there's one comment that particularly stood out it was a lady who say that she had a lot of trouble meeting serious men and she said most of the men who she met asked for nudes and all that you know we're a bit lewd and I, you know I had to really prior to answering I had to really ask myself okay how can I answer this because this is something I hear a lot from so many women you know and so I did a bit of research about it and I used some of the tips that I generally go by to figure out how to reply so I thought I would make this video and response to that comment Tthe first tip that I have is to pay particular attention to the profile picture that you put a lot of women put a profile picture which they think is really good really sexy and they tend to draw the wrong types of people so I think if you're going to put a profile picture don't put your boobs out that is the first thing you can dress in a bit of a sexy manner but sexy doesn't mean that you have to display all of the goodies out and I really really think that you should put a picture where you don't have extremely heavy makeup or you don't have extremely tight clothes you know you can show your assets without it being overkill , number two I would say it's always good to put a few pictures of yourself you know I think the best the best thing that you could do is to put five or six photos put a lot of pictures so that the people can see that you are the same person you are who you are I think you should put a picture doing one of your hobbies that is actually really nice especially if you mention it in your profile if you say oh I like horse riding I think it's great to post a picture of you actually riding a horse and another picture that I definitely think somebody should put is a picture of you of a full-body picture so that they get to see what you look like I've heard of so many stories and I've been a victim myself of people who look good like in their head shot and they don't tell you what is under you know like you donate you don't know they're really fat or really skinny or whatever it is and then you go to meet the person a person who say they're athletic you know they're like oh I'm super athletic I do sports every single day and you're gonna meet them and this person is not looking at all like what they say they look like so I think it's very important to do that and it's very important to put a nice head picture a nice portrait picture nothing too fancy but you know what ? you'll be very surprised to know that people don't pay as much attention to that portrait picture as the full body picture, a lot of men are visual and a lot of men care more about your body your shape than what your face looks like surprisingly the third tip is to be very precise and very straight about what you want whether you write it in your profile or in your communication with a person I found that oftentimes a lot of women are not direct and not precise about what they want you know when you start talking with a man and a man is like so what are you looking for if you're looking for a serious relationship don't just tell them oh I just want to look around I just want to see what I can get that definitely tells the guy this girl doesn't know what she wants and I want to get laid today I want to get laid soon so I could just you know pretend that I want what she wants because she's not very precise and bing-bam-boom and the guy as soon as you sleep with him they will be out of the door so you have to be very careful about that I'm sorry if you hear screaming that is my baby and I I just I've never really understood why women are not very precise when it comes to that another thing I saw this from Steve Harvey another tip I stole from Steve Harvey is he says never tell a guy exactly what it is you're looking for in a guy you know for I mean tell me what exactly you want I don't say oh I want chocolates I want the guy to bring me coffee every single day stuff like that no give him the qualities that she's sick for in a man or if it's a man if you're a man give her the polishes that you say for any women you know I want somebody who's affectionate I want somebody who's serious I want somebody who's financially stable I want somebody who's emotionally stable you can surprised how many emotionally unstable people are out there and are just waiting to pounce on you and make you the next victim especially online you know there are a lot of psychos out there have to be careful never send a nude picture or any lewd pictures to anyone you are not acquainted to or anyone that you actually haven't established a relationship with heck I wouldn't even send it to anybody I have a relationship with if you want to see me naked you have to come over you know I think that and honest that I've actually had a few people who've told me about oh I met this really great guy but he wants me to send him news before we meet and I'm like why would he want to see you naked before you meet it makes absolutely no sense if he is as serious as it says he is and if you have the kind of guy who's asking you for that trust me he just wants to waste your time never do that another thing is that you might end up on youporn or you whatever you know all these porn sites you never know and or you just might wake up one day and find yourself all over Facebook and people are laughing at you you don't know what this person must do with those nudes and another thing is that you could send as many news as you want this guy will never be serious don't ever do that protect yourself another tip is don't be afraid to make the first move so many women I know are you know sitting out there they put their profile pictures put their profiles have great profiles and nobody contacts them you know they get a lot of views but nobody contacts something like what can i what am i doing why isn't anybody contacting me but the thing is are you contacting anybody yourself you have to make that first move you have you see a guy who you interested in you have to approach him if he's not approaching you you know it's not like I know it's been all depend on culture and all that but when it comes to online dating I would say you have to let all that go first off online dating is not a cultural thing so we can't be like oh and my culture women don't approach men in your culture they probably don't date men online so this is a whole other thing and you have to realize that for every guy there are more women than men generally so for every guy there's about two or three options you know if you're really as much and if this guy is a catch you are in trouble because so many other women are out there talking to him and so many other women who want their chance so you have to absolutely go at it don't be afraid to even ask the person out further for a date so once you've seen that perfect person the person that you actually want to get to know and you've read their profile you've liked a few things so you're ready to write to them don't be afraid to actually mention something that you saw in their profile something that caught your eye mentioned common interests just make sure that you show that you paid attention to them everybody loves knowing that somebody has paid attention nobody wants a generic message like hey what's up how are you or stuff like that no tell them oh I saw that you like paintballing RSO did she like suckers football we call a football I so did you like football I like it myself I don't play it but I support this is my favorite team bah bah bah bah blah and ask you know just ask something really interesting you know and always trying to ask a question in your email so that it gets the ball rolling sometimes men's men get these or women get these emails and there's absolutely no question nothing to fall back on or you don't include something interesting about yourself or you just don't show a common interest in the person's like what should I answer to this you know what I wouldn't answer they're not curious enough or something like that so have to make sure that you definitely do that the final point the final tip is to point out your qualities don't do it in the bragging way you know them like I totally cringe when I read a profile and they say oh good-looking male good-looking female no honey let me tell you you're good-looking but you can say I don't know you can say something like on weekends I like to volunteer at the charity bla bla bla bla and and the local charity it shows that you're oh this is this word English charitable I know in French we say shy time so it shows that you know you have you have a good heart you have a soft spot for people in difficulty you know just do that and I don't I don't have to explain to you precisely but just don't be don't brag but don't diminish your qualities as well so guys I've been talking for a very long time I hope that this video I hope that you like this video and this kid video gave you a bit of insight on to to what you could be doing wrong if you're having trouble with men or when men and women on dating sites are to what you could be changing you know what you could change a bit anywho it's quite late in the evening I'm getting a bit tongue-tied thank you so much for watching bye guys anyway guys I hope that you enjoyed this video I love doing this sit-down chitty-chat videos with you if you have any more video suggestions your going to see anything else please make sure to tell me to let me know in the comments and don't forget to subscribe to this channel for more videos like this I try to post as often as I can I will definitely be amping up the the post the post frequency I'll be posting every single day from Thursday that I'm giving myself two days to get my ish together and I will be posting every single day from Thursday I'll post all types of videos so guys keep your eyes peeled for that bye bye

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