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I am NOT a player, okay? I'm not I'm not

Alright so but but but but if you want some tips on dating from Kwaku, here we go So Ian loves to talk about the girls I've dated on our show he loves to bring it up when it's not called for okay? When it's not about that We could be talking about Heavenly Father He's like "yeah Heavenly Father is great So Kwaku's actually dated a lot of girls

" Or he'll use a big word So by the way this is for guys I can't give tips to girls on how to date because I don't know how to date guys because I'm not I'm not into men um So it's just for girls So here's what I do

I use all the dating apps, right? You got Tinder, you got Mutual, you got Bumble Bumble's great, Bumble is wonderful here's why Bumble's great because the girls have to message first so not only do you match they have to message you first so you know immediately that you've got some more leverage But with Tinder or Mutual, here's what you don't want to do You don't to open with a dumb line You don't want to open with like, "You're so beautiful, oh my gosh

" Ew, weird, clingy! Girls don't like that, they don't If they say they do, they don't, alright? If you want to open with a compliment about them physically say something like oh you're stunning or like OMG you're stunning something like that, that works If you use a word that everyone uses like beautiful, hot, sexy and whatever they've heard it a million times Stunning But don't get weird don't get like, "M'lady hmm your light shines like a noonday sun

" Like you're creep, she's gonna block you Alright, what you also want to do is make sure your pictures are good This is my Tinder profile, right? So Brigham Young University it says from Texas Don't you hate when people and bios mid se-" That's funny I'm not taking myself seriously if I'm like, "My name is Kwaku, 5'9", I like kayaking, hashtag the office

Weird! Alright, a picture of me here I've got this picture of me winking, that's kind of fun right? I got this picture of me, like kinda the cool like artsy like ooooo I'm being interesting and introspective and then you got me in front of the temple showing where I'm at the end of day So that's why it's important

Now, you might be saying alright Kwaku, I got her number what do I do now? Or I'm texting her? I sent some gifs, what do I do? Here's what you do Don't text back too fast If her bubble, if her text bubble appears and your text bubble's there right away, no no no no no! No no, stop that Stop that Stop that

Don't you do that What you should be doing, you wait at least 10 minutes at least 45 if you want to go at most 5 hours, you make it clear you are busy and you're not just waiting around to text her because girls like something that's a little bit more unobtainable right? So if you're waiting just to text her like, "Oh, is she going to respond?" Don't do that Also, do not, just don't– I don't know why guys think they can send a "hey" and expect something back "Hey" – is that the best you got? No, not "hey" Create a conversation, alright? And if you're LDS, stay away from the, "Hey, where you from? What are you studying?" Just all that stuff, that that's first-date mumbo jumbo, the first five minutes, alright? Be interesting when you talk to them

Also be respectful Some guys think that if they say things like "haha want to make out?" The girls will be into that I don't know why you think and some girls are into that but those are not the girls you want to be dating, okay? So take it easy, put your hormones in check I'll buy you a chastity belt if you can't It's a little metal thing you lock it in there alright you need, ya freak, ya freak! Oh yeah, I know who you are, don't think I don't know

So when you get your first date, keep it simple Don't do anything weird If you live in Provo you can go to the NickelCade if you want but my gosh how overdone is that, you know? That's like every date from Heritage Halls First date's at the Creamery, second date it's at the NickelCade You can do better than that

What's a good one to do is something like go to a little museum and talk, have like a picnic, ice cream, something really simple Don't be too weird about it If you try too hard in the first date it scares girls away it does Rachel, does it? Yes From the horse's mouth

Not that you're a horse I know what you're thinking Kwaku, how do I kiss her? How do I kiss her? I've kissed a girl on the first date before I regret it It ended in fire

Our relationship ended in literal fire Not a literal fire but it was bad Do not kiss a girl on the first date And if you want to kiss her don't try to, it's not a movie alright? Life isn't a movie, don't try to kiss her in front of her doorstep, I mean that's like hard to make happen You don't want to do that

If you, if you want to kiss a girl wait till maybe the third date Second date if you're really really cool but third dates always safer and make sure you're like, you have like a good pause You're talking and you both stop talking and then just lean over and give her a nice smooch Don't make it long or weird, don't put your tongue in, don't be a weirdo Also, if you're gonna ask her on another date do not do it when you drop her off

Do not Girls hate it when you take them on a date and you're in front of the door and you're like, "So like do you want to go out again?" Like what is this, a 2002 movie with Rachel McAdams and I don't know Adrien Brody? No it doesn't work like that girls do not like that You send the way, asking a girl out over text is fine to call No no honestly girls don't want date

If you, if you met on mutual and you Girls don't like They're like who want to go out this day? It's fine Do absolutely do not ask them out in front Say good night and walk away that's it day text if you're a guy do not send the Do not You wait for them to send it

you've got no power You wait for them to and I got lucky be confident you know what's the worst picture of the girl that got like the but it's just like hovering over her body? That's so weird don't be afraid If Make sure you're not sweaty or anything he just grab her hand like- had this little flame going and she was holding her keys and her purse hand and then her phone in the other I literally took the phone from her hand melted okay? Do that, you can be confident both hands-free okay? You don't have to, the grabbing her hand thing you have to each other okay? date

Don't do that! you guys are into each other okay? and then that confidence is more don't be afraid to have eye But don't don't like stare into her soul girls hate more than like being in a date Like look at her! Okay look at her, The first date, I know if you like her a at Institute Don't make it last forever Honestly, shorter the better because you do and all you do is play Fallout 3 on your You got to look like you got more to do hour, that's fine and you end it Don't wait for her looking at her phone no you end it

In fact, you look at your You look at your phone, okay, and then you make it last forever girls don't like texts a girl asking you to go hot and I want you to take a brick and I Then I want you to go buy an because you're not responsible enough "Want to go hot tubbing?" on a first or can I look at your boobs?" That's all you're saying "I wanna look at your boobs" Also if you do go on a date with a girl and she wants to go hot tubbing for the in that position okay? And if she says kissed that week? How many guys has Have some respect You attract what you are

Remember that So girls can smell You have to make like the right showing that you're charming in you're from Cedar Rapids? great place!" Don't be a weirdo! Okay, you have to be yourself

Now some guys are like these things, girls don't think own what you are because if you're the best actor ever and she doesn't then what? You're going to go through a going to be emotionally and mentally sure you're yourself but if you have fix it Make sure your clothes on point Do not wear like Target baggy you jeans do that Don't wear striped polos Don't okay? So make sure you look good

and you want to get the right kind of business Marriott school bro look okay If you don't want to spend the Plato's Closet, you look at thrift shops from DI because that's where you got trying to change it so don't go to DI 21 Mens, okay you can do this We can in you

I feel like all the girls going to watch this can be like no yeah and didn't work out so maybe I'm wrong! Be respectful of the sisters, be respectful Be kind, above all have fun If it have another friend and friendship is zone it's okay I know that's a weird sense and here's why– other friends and they're cute too! notification button next to the videos come out like us on Twitter and because you're not responsible enough No! If you ask a girl, "Want to go hot tubbing?" on a first or second date, you're literally saying, "Hey them a text or call them later and by Guys think oh oh don't do that you have to talk to you before you've got on a call them like, "Hey you want to go out?" is this strange man? Send them a text

Do you that You don't have to call them But of the doorstep, just give them a hug bye And you wait for that after after date text If you send it send it okay? I have sent a couple, twice, Do not, you wait for them

You got to thing when you see a guy taking a hovering hand? He's afraid to touch her you want to hold her hand grab her hand something I do, a little while ago or like little like wallet thing in this hand What did I do? and grabbed her hand as my hand and she You don't have to wait for her to have you can just go for it Just to be clear be very clear that you guys are into This isn't like like you're on the first That's weird It has to be undoubtedly clear that Because then you can do things like that attractive

Look her in the eyes Look her contact Look her in the eyes like a weirdo but like there's nothing with a guy just like, "So uh I'm from ha" she's a person alright? lot, she was really cute when you met her You're not helping your case have to, even if you don't have things to Xbox or play box or whatever it is, You keep it on to say if it's an And you be the one to end it like trying to send you a hint no no no phone first end the date

But don't that If you're one of those guys who tubbing I want you to take your phone want you to destroy it over and over again apartment complex without a hot tub No! If you ask a girl, second date, you're literally saying, "Hey saying! That's literally what you're Have some self-respect come on man! first date, like really? Don't put yourself yes, eh eh eh, how many guys has she she kissed in the hottub that week? fake from a mile away They can, alright? You should be smiling and like the first date but don't just be like "Oh Oh my aunt's from Cedar Rapids, it's a can't be fake but you have to, you afraid like, "Oh, I really like video games or that's cool" You have to you have to pretending to be someone else and you're figure it out, eventually she will and really weird kind of breakup and it's damaging so what you want to do is make some nerdy interests here's how you can Dress nicely

with white sneakers Don't do that Do not do that okay? We can make it work guys Make sure your clothing is in style style, you don't have to look like a Vasa You can look like normal BYU guy and money on clothing go to somewhere like where there's great clothing Stay away your clothing to begin with and we're Go to Plato's Closet, go to H&M, Forever make this work guys! I believe who have been on dates where they're no that's what you did Guys that's Kwaku's dating advice Don't be weird

doesn't work out in the relationship you good Okay if you're put in the friend term but I mean in the most innocent Solely friends okay cause girls have Like and subscribe, hit the subscribe button to be notified when the Instagram and Facebook

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