4 tips for dating during the apocalypse | 22 Minutes

Hi! I'm Tammy, guess what I know? That dating, it can be tough, it messes with your mind you have the Tinder with the swiping, that's a mess, you have texting They can send pictures now, you don't want to see that when ya eating you cherrios, and there's also my friends, the approaching apocalypse Boom! Don't you worry, 'cause Tammy's here and I'm gonna give you some top tips, when you're lookin' for love On ya first date what you wanna do is ya just wanna keep it casual I don't know, like go for a coffee, have one, maybe two, not three 'cause ya might crap ya tights Is he a good listener? Is he good to his server? Is his ammune system strong enough to absorb a blast of radiation from a neuclear fallout You need to think about these things Going to his house for the first time, oh my lord, that can be stressful What if it's a mess, you don't want to be rollin' around down there with all ya bits out ya got a Ringolo and Glossette on ya back, and a couple of Tic Tacs up your back small What if you have to go to the washroom, and it's not a number one What if his bomb shelter out back is just this little hole that he dug in the backyard with his dog with the cardboard roof remember You are planning for your future, so you need to find a mate with like a suitable shelter that can withstand a 15 kiloton blast yield This I know What positions does he have does he have enough nonperishables to keep you going for like ten years Oh wait, if you go down there and you see a skip of spam you better just run honey because he's gonna make himself a new meat wife when you give him the cold shoulder in bed So, just remember, in the face of an imminent world war where 90% of the world is going to be destroyed, you gotta look out for number one Happy dating

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