10 things to know about dating french men – you know you are dating a french man when …

– Hi, guys, welcome back to my channel In this video, we're gonna be talking about dating in France and I'm gonna be focusing on French men

So, as you guys know by now, I am Franco-Kenyan I'm French and Kenyan And, I've dated French guys I've also dated guys of other nationalities, so I'm able to have something to compare to And I also have experience in the matter

So, let's get cracking Number one, I would like to say that French men are very passionate They argue with passion, they fight with passion and they'll love you with passion I think it has something to do with the Mediterranean blood and just the fact that French people are so expressive So, I think, in that sense, it's something that innate

Number two, the seduction game is very important for them They love the chase, and oftentimes they prefer to be the ones to chase the women But, some of them don't mind a woman who knows what she wants and who actually takes charge and comes at them They find it quite amusing But, you have to make sure that you also give them space to chase you, to come at you, basically

Number three is that they expect their women to be very well put together and very feminine A lot of the French women are very feminine They don't put in as much effort as you would expect, but they are very feminine, they're always well dressed, well manicured There's something, there's a certain je ne sais quoi, basically So, they expect that from their woman

They wouldn't be happy with a woman with chipped nails, walking around in joggers and sitting on the couch eating food, having bits of food stuck in their, no, that's not for them They want a lady, basically Number four is that they're very, very sexual and sex is very important in a relationship for them In fact, we, sex is not as big of a deal as it is in other countries We talk about sex openly at the table

We have a lot of sexual jokes and it's something to do with culture We're very sexual and we assume it So, I don't know if that's the word in English (speaking in a foreign language) So, that's what we do And, number five is that we're quite big, French men are quite big on family, and, family and friends

So, they introduce you to their family and to their friends early on Don't be surprised if that happens It just means that they're comfortable with you in a relationship and they're also trying to see how well you fit in with their entourage If you don't fit in well, I don't know how long that relationship will last They're very tactile and romantic

Number seven is that they actually, they get exclusive very fast So, from the time, from the point where you guys go on your third date and everything goes well, you're their girl And, most of the time, when, especially, French people, I don't know if it's changed now, but most of the time they get together, or they get into a relationships very early on and just stay together It's not uncommon to see people who've been together since they were 15, since they were 14 It's very, very common, actually

Number eight or nine I don't remember I think it's number eight They love home cooked meals, they cook very well Most of them cook very well And, so, when I talk to you about romantic evenings, it's like an evening where they cook for you, you know, you go to each other's house, and you cook

It's very, how can I say, it's very romantic and just a really nice experience Once you break the trust of a French man, it's almost impossible to get back And, they're very prideful people, so, if you cheat on them, or if there's something where they feel betrayed, I don't think it's gonna be possible to salvage that relationship So, I think I've covered 10 points I hope I've covered 10 points

If I haven't, I'm so sorry, I lost count Anyhoo, this is 10 things about dating French men I hope you enjoyed this video Please don't forget to comment, like and subscribe Thank you so much for watching

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